If you are new to mobile marketing or have tried QR technology without much success, YokeLab Small Business is the campaign tool you need.

We have configured three of our most popular mobile templates to help you create and tailor-make campaigns that suit your purpose - quickly.

Choosing the YokeLab Small Business platform allows you to first choose between the following packages:




You will also get access to a QR generator and stats to allow you to follow, document and analyse your campaign activity in detail. For instance, if you want to know how many scans your campaign has generated, or how many users have signed up to receive your newsletter, you can find the information on the platform.



All YokeLab Small Business solutions include Facebook integration, allowing you to connect your mobile messages to the world's biggest social network through the click of a button.

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  • Permission

    Permission gathering is a useful campaign tool for collecting user data and permissions/sign-ups, for instance using competitions and/or newsletters. Permission gathering helps build interaction between your customer and you, increasing dialogue and building loyalty.

    Using permission gathering also lets you designate check boxes for users to choose what kind of information is of interest to them. This way you know what is relevant to your customer from the start.

  • Drive-to-store

    Several studies show that location services are among the most preferred smartphone services. Location services are excellent call-to-action tools, driving a potential customer from ad to purchase using his/her phone's GPS to indicate the nearest dealer. The template also enables click-to-call, meaning customers are just one click from contact.

  • Competition

    User competitions have always been a hit. This template has much in common with permission gathering but differs from it on a few important points. Along with defining multiple choices, you can also use the competition template to ensure you get important information from users. For instance, by blocking the input fields, users will only be able to take part by entering an email adress.

Why chooose Small Business?

  • Unlimited use of QR codes
  • User-friendly templates
  • Access to basic stats

Did you know that.....


- 63% of all QR campaigns are conducted without mobile optimised websites?
- 78% of all marketing managers expect to increase their use of QR codes over the coming years?
- By 2013 more people are expected to access the internet using their mobile phone than their PC?
- 70% of all end-users are familiar with QR codes?
- 96% of all end-users expect to use more QR codes in the future?
- Today, just 9% of all end-users find the content behind the QR codes relevant?