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The YokeLab Entreprise format facilitates even complex mobile activity. The platform enables you to create mobile events for existing set-ups or develop new solutions using our core technology via YokeLab's API.

With YokeLab Enterprise you are able to connect external sources to the platform, meaning integrating existing data bases like CRM, purchasing or dealer systems.


Enterprise add-on's

linjeYokeLab Hybid App
Developing an App is often a costly and time-consuming exercise. For each operating system, whether it is Apple IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows, you will need to develop a separate App, since the different platforms are not compatible with each other. Hence, YokeLab Enterprise has created a unique App solution that enables you to cover all four platforms with one App only. We have named the solution YokeLab Hybrid to signal how companies can reach multiple target groups with a single tool.

YokeLab Mobileshop plugin
As smartphones become the preferred online platform of Internet users, online shopping will increasingly shift from computers to mobile devices. Having the capacity to offer a user-friendly, pocket-size shopping cart is the direct way to winning a bigger share of the internet market among people on the move.

YokeLab Enterprise gives users access to a unique shopping solution conceived especially for mobile phones, from product presentation to payment flow.

We'll soon be ready to launch YokeLab Enterprise. We look forward to welcoming you.

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  • CASE: Grundfos


    A successful mobile campaign has the ability to catch the user's attention and communicate messages in ways that are relevant and of value to the recipient. Relations between customers and companies may well start with accomplished mobile campaigning integrating the company's existing systems from the outset.

    The challenge:
    The world's biggest manufacturer of pumps, the Danish company Grundfos, wanted to develop a mobile campaign that communicated the benefits surrounding the use of its pump technology. Together with Grundfos' e-mail marketing system the objective was connecting the data collected from the company's other digital marketing activities to create a solid information database.

    The solution:
    Grundfos chose to use YokeLab Enterprise for a global campaign giving users the option to calculate potential savings by replacing old pump systems with new Grundfos pumps. The campaign also gave access to a fun and informative video about the technology and the advantages offered by the company's products. Users were encouraged to sign up to receive Grundfos' newsletter. The campaign was created in multiple languages and compatible with most world markets.



    QR codes as part of print campaigns can serve as convenient shortcuts for users interested in learning more about a product. A quick scan with a mobile phone can give potential customers direct access to videos and additional product information while the interest is still fresh in their minds.

    The challenge:
    style="text-align: left;">Colourful car advertising has traditionally embellished newspaper and magazine pages, but only a few of them have been used as direct lead channels. French car manufacturer Citröen wanted to integrate traditional print advertising with moving images and interactive information for mobile phones.

    The solution:
    YokeLab Enterprise offered Citröen a solution that worked not just as an information platform but also as a road map and a lead tool collecting customer data, fed directly to Citröens CRM system.

  • CASE: Politiken plus

    The challenge:
    With Politiken Plus - a loyalty programme that offers its subscribers special offers on events and other discount deals - Danish media house Politiken aimed to develop a mobile webshop as a complement to its main website. The idea was to reach readers where they were - on the move!

    The solution:
    The webshop was integrated with a mobile payment solution to make it easy, convenient and above all, safe for users to shop and pay directly from their mobile phones. The user was able to access the webshop through QR codes published in ads and in the Politiken Plus pages of the print edition of the newspaper. By scanning the codes, those eager to make a purchase were given immediate access to purchase the item that had caught their interest while using a mobile phone.

Why Use Enterprise?

  • Access to core technology
  • Connect external resources
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Create customised front-ends
  • Hybrid App functionalities
  • Mobile Shop Plugin


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- 63% of all QR campaigns are conducted without mobile optimised websites?
- 78% of all marketing managers expect to increase their use of QR codes over the coming years?
- By 2013 more people are expected to access the internet using their mobile phone than their PC?
- 70% of all end-users are familiar with QR codes?
- 96% of all end-users expect to use more QR codes in the future?
- Today, just 9% of all end-users find the content behind the QR codes relevant?