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Did you know that.....


- 63% of all QR campaigns are conducted without mobile optimised websites?
- 78% of all marketing managers expect to increase their use of QR codes over the coming years?
- By 2013 more people are expected to access the internet using their mobile phone than their PC?
- 70% of all end-users are familiar with QR codes?
- 96% of all end-users expect to use more QR codes in the future?
- Today, just 9% of all end-users find the content behind the QR codes relevant?


Build for me

Our mobile marketing agency, Okari Mobile, is always available for consulting or assistance with production to help you maximise the results of your campaigns. Contact us at for further information on our production and consultancy services.


We have created YokeLab to help you read and organise your mobile marketing activity. The YokeLab platform gives you access to exact data of who, where and how many scan and have an interest in your campaigns.