YokeLab Business gives you total control of your campaigns and a free hand to create output that correspond with your brand identity or your customer's. The platform also gives you access to all our modules and makes it easy to connect your campaigns with mobile media.

 YokeLab Business gives access to:

Mobile site builder
QR generator

And the modules:

Mobile vouchers
Mobile vouchers or coupons are effective tools for further engaging and motivating potential customers, for example, by distributing discount vouchers that can be redeemed instantly, at the shop. This is also a way of measuring interest and payback on your campaigns' offers.

YokeLab's Forms Module is the best tool for collecting user data and permissions, for example from competitions and newsletters. This solution helps build loyalty and interaction between you and your customers.

Social Media
More than 350 million users access Facebook daily using their mobile phones. This makes your presence on Facebook and social media integration critical to success. YokeLab's Social Media Modul lets users share your messages and video links with friends and other connections on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This modulet is the right solution for added visibility and activity in social media.

Streaming audio/video
Video and sound animate communication and give faster overviews than words do. Use YokeLab's Streaming Module to send product videos directly to your target groups, always with the best possible quality in relation to device and bandwidth.

Location-based Service (LBS)
YokeLab's LBS module enables your users to identify and get directions to the nearest dealer using the phone's GPS. This service is your guarantee that potential customers always know where to buy your products

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  • Engage your audience


    Copenhagen culture vultures don't have to look long or hard to find cool concerts or interesting exhibitions. Because the offers are endless and the competition tough, particularly if the event is outside the main hubs of the capital region, a venue in Albertslund had to find new ways of making its message heard.

    The challenge:

    The music venue Forbrændingen, located to the west of Copenhagen, presents an exhaustive programme of concerts featuring both upcoming and established Danish artists. Eager to attract a wider audience, the venue developed their marketing approach from static to dynamic: in short, Forbrændingen integrated mobile marketing as part of its communication strategy.

    The solution:

    Forbrændingen subscribed to YokeLab's Business platform to develop and implement mobile activity in connection with the venue's other initiatives. Forbrændingen used the platform to make music videos, video greetings from topical artists, exclusive tracks and other content available for curious music lovers using QR codes on print and outdoor campaigning.

  • Copenhagen Culturenight


    Most smartphone users are open-minded and curious about the world they are part of. To them their device is more than just a basic phone: it's a multimedia tool for communication, information and entertainment. Their smartphone is like a friend they hang out with, the more functionalities it has the better.

    The challenge:

    Copenhagen's Culture Night has become an annual, recurrent success bringing people together across generations, race and gender. Users are curious and interested in the society and the city they in which they live. Many of them carry smartphones which they use for everything, from banking to shopping and finding their way around. The Culture Night organisers wanted to embrace the diversity of the event in a simple mobile media format. Working with YokeLab Business they created an imaginative programme for the Culture Night, featuring a number of possibilities and services.

    The solution:

    Using YokeLab Business tools the organisers developed an interactive guide to the many separate events that make up the Culture Night. The guide was conceived as a mobile webpage with a user-adapted programme and worked as a customised programming tool that users could bring with them into the night. Using the phone's GPS system the platform was updated in real time to feature events that took place in the vicinity of the user at all times.


Why choose Business?

  • Access to landing page builder
  • Integrated modules
  • Access to comprehensive stats


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Agency functionalities


YokeLab Business offers agencies the opportunity to buy add-on functionalities, tailor-made to be integrated in the services you offer your clients.

These include:

  • Admin login
  • Option to create sub-accounts
  • White label solution for your brand


Small Business

Did you know that.....


- 63% of all QR campaigns are conducted without mobile optimised websites?
- 78% of all marketing managers expect to increase their use of QR codes over the coming years?
- By 2013 more people are expected to access the internet using their mobile phone than their PC?
- 70% of all end-users are familiar with QR codes?
- 96% of all end-users expect to use more QR codes in the future?
- Today, just 9% of all end-users find the content behind the QR codes relevant?